Our mission

We bring higher education institutions, students and the community together to engage in the highest level of teaching. The results: the best learning experience for students – at a sustainable cost.

Our value proposition

We believe that the core strengths of educational institutions, students, and communities, when aligned, will deliver the best education to our future generations. EdifyOnline takes tactical steps to achieve this alignment:

  1. Engagement — bring university and community closer.
  2. Discipline — encourage and monitor participation.
  3. Innovation — continue to improve, innovate, and adapt.
  4. Feedback — use analytics to understand performance trends.
  5. Yardstick — measure our success.

Our commitment

We promise to act and uphold the highest ethical and moral standards at all times.

To students and educational institutions - we commit to an innovative “on-line” framework to facilitate excellence in learning experience.
To our associates - we will treat you no less than we would want to be treated.
To our global communities - we will promote collaborative educational awareness to every human being we meet around the world.
To our shareholders - we will strive to honest, ethical, and long-term sustained growth performance and shareholder value.
To our environment - our “on-line” services will encourage preservation of national resources and environment.